Sunday, October 12, 2008

tag-i'm it!

my friend kelly tagged me.. post the 6th picture from the 6th file in your photos! :) looked back thru my photo's and this is what i found. where did that little munchkin go? thats kennedy.. summer 2004. about 2 months before she turned 5! craziness! my how time flies....
im tagging the vannoys and heather. cant wait to see what you find!


Kelly said...

Wow! What did happen to that little munchkin!?! Time flies way too fast! I'm so glad you played along! :)


The Leonard Four said...

hi...i just happened upon your blog off of team carroll's blog roll - i have a bit of a blogging obsession - i don't even know cara carroll, but i "stalk" her blog regularly! don't be alarmed...i'm not a creepy stalker at all...just a mama of 2 sweet girls that loves reading about other mamas and kiddos!

just wanted to say how excited i was to find your blog because your daughter is closer to my daughter's age than many of the blogs i stalk! your kids are precious...really beautiful! :)

so, i hope that you don't mind that i've now saved you as a fave! please feel free to stop by and stalk us anytime!

:) jodi

Jessica said...

I love the recent pics of the kids. The are both such cuties! Hope all is well in your world.

Oh, Milo starts a mother's day out program this week. I am so thankful for that week he spent with you. Because of that I know he is going to be just fine!


The Vannoy Family said...

Jammi... what do we do? We're new to blogging - how do we play tag? Help! hahahaha!