Wednesday, February 25, 2009

fun. fUn. FUN.

it was one of those weekends.. you know the kind. the ones where you feel like youve gotten away with something because you slept away {what is usually} the busiest part of your day. and you feel SO rested. you know.. cause you slept til noon.. saturday AND sunday. but then monday rolls around and you realize you were just fooling yourself. it doesnt count as extra sleep if you stay up til 4am both of the nights before.. AND your SO tired that before you know it its already wednesday... but you had SO much fun.. i love those kind of weekends!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my sweet little valentines..

valentines came and went around here.. nothing special really. just another day. but i did get to spend a ton of quality time with these two crazies and we had a GREAT time together! on saturday they opened sweet heart day cards from their gran-gran.. each got a little loot.. and off to target we went! they each got a toy and a GIANT bouncy ball. and then we spent the evening with uncle nick, auntie jenny, dalton and sweet macy-mace. we had so much fun.. that we stayed the night! nothing like a good sleep over. and donuts the next morning are definitely the best part! thanks for making the day special for us guys! we had so much fun!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mlk weekend at the ranch..

a few weeks ago, while kp was snowboarding with brye, the littles and i spent the weekend with my parents in childress. the weather was beautiful.. so we took the kids to out the ranch {close friends of my parents have a ranch near my home town} and they had a BLAST. they got to ride in the mule.. feed the cows.. drive the tractor.. all kinds of fun ranch stuff. and i got to take a peak at the AMAZING addition todd & cara have made to the house!

korb is always a bit apprenhensive.. but not too scared to try anything with nana or papa.
and kennedy.. well, she loves absolutely everything about the ranch.
we had an awesome weekend with you mom and dad! cant wait to do it again!! click here to check out all the photos {mom!}..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a little love for uncle sam..

on saturday morning we woke up missing sammy b.. so we made a quick trip to austin to have dinner with him and hang out for the evening. then we drove back on sunday morning. all total.. we were away for 24 hrs away. not long enough.. but it was well worth the drive.

and judging by this giant welcome.. i think he was glad to see us too!
i love this pic of korb and sam laughing!
and the look off..
kp2 has perfected the look off that his dad and uncle sam mastered long ago. we had a great time sam! thanks for taking time out of your weekend for us! we will have to do it again soon...