Tuesday, October 19, 2010

homecoming..haircuts..weddings & winning [but not necessarily in that order]

we had a wonderful weekend!  and didnt take a single picture.. =( but i did allow kennedy to touch my camera for a few min to snap a picture of her dad and i before we scurried out to watch the rangers WHIP the yankees in game 2 of the alcs series..it was mostly just redemption for getting whipped in game 1..but a tied series is a tied series!  and just after we both got MAJOR haircuts.. my 4 inches are, of course, an after thought to KPs complete change.   and just for the record.. i dont hate it.  i just like it better long.  =( 
[this is the part where i tell you about another post i will only admit to backdating this one time.. and then we will all pretend that it existed on that day forever=)] there arent too many before pictures.. but you can see his lovely locks in this post. =)  we were allllll dressed up to attend the wedding of a great friend.  it was, with out a doubt, one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever been too.  congrats ANDY & KIM!

after the wedding we spent the rest of the night in denton for UNT homecoming.  weve been every year that ive lived here.  since 2004.  it never fails to be a ton of fun!  =))

thank you, nana, for spending the weekend with the kids and their toy puppy!  you are the best!!  =)

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staceywacey said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love the dress sexy chic!!