Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a bets a bet!

background:  i have a tattoo.  i got it in Yuma, Az circa 1995.. 18 yrs old.  this lucky girl got a four leaf clover on the inside of her right ankle. and 15 yrs later i still love it.  i love the memory of the innocense of that time in my life..  and ive been wanting another for quite sometime now.. but the hubby isnt on board.  cant really explain why.  he's always just been anti-tattoo.  in the early part of the summer we had a conversation that went something like this..

james:  i think this is OUR year.  the Rangers are going all the way!
kp:  ummmmmmm, yea about that... its probably not going to happen sweetheart.
james:  i think it is! how bout this.  if the Rangers make it to the World Series will you get a tattoo?
kp:  for sure!  that is a bet i will take!

*i should note that he is a die hard rangers fan.  just a realist.

we've joked about it many times over the last four months or so.. but i dont think he EVER dreamed it could be a reality.  AND now.. three wins into the ALCS championship.. its really real!  one more win and the Rangers WILL be in the World Series..  and anti-tattoo KP is getting some much needed INK. =)

lets go rangers.  clap clap clapCLAPclap =)))

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