Monday, August 30, 2010

happy birthday korb palmer.. take 4

FOUR!  how can that be??  im absolutely sure i was just pregnant with his sweet little face last year..  wasnt i?? and wasnt it just a month ago that i was writing this post .. wishing him the happiest of first birthdays?  it couldnt have been THAT long since his second birthday post.. and im absolutely positve i wrote this third birthday post just yesterday.  UGH!  where has the time gone??  he is SUCH a big boy.  like for real.. a kid.  not much baby left..  so sad for mommy. =(

  • he is 42 inches tall.. and 42lbs.  looks like he has grown 2inches and added 4lbs in the last yr. [love that we can look back at old posts =)] 
  • he has moved out of toddler sizes and into XS boys.. and for a full year he has been COMPLETELY addicted to 'basketball clothes'.  mesh shorts and sleeveless jerseys.  he can thank nana for the complete wordrobe of 'basketball clothes'.. it quite difficult to get him to wear 'regular clothes' [his words]  unless he is going somehwhere..
  • ..which is his 'new thing'. going to friends houses.  his friends.  sisters friends.  grandparents.  cousins.  anywhere really.. as long as he doesnt have to stay home all day. the days of being content to 'do' whatever mommy is doing are OVER. =(
  • he is still a crazy person about sports. LOVES all of them!  theres really not a game he wont watch or play.. [all while sporting his basketball clothes. =)]
  • he does still have his night night blanket.  he needs it when he is tired or doesnt feel good.  and he does still suck his thumb [a habit he picked up post NUK] when he has his night night.  but mostly i dont care.  he will give it up in time and then there will be NO baby left.. 
  • he is attending preshool again this year.  still two days a week.. hopefully next year he will be able to go full time for one year before he starts kinder in 2012.
  • he did learn to swim this summer.. but still prefers the baby pool or floaties unless we are at uncle nicks house.  for some reason he is much more brave there!
  • this year we had a BIRTHDAY party.  with his FRIENDS!  at the club pool.  =) every year his birthday has fallen over labor day weekend and are usually with family.. or all of his buddies are out of town for the holiday.  weve only thrown a party for him with friends when he turned one.  it really fun to see all their little faces sing happy birthday!  
  • due to this BEAUTY.. we will be postponing 4 yrs pics for a few weeks.  =) im sure he wont change that much.  but i DO have the pics from the birthday party to share!  LOVE them!


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