Thursday, August 30, 2007

happy birthday korbin nickolis!

i cannot believe it! he is so precious and so amazing and so smart and so handsome. i am in love! i cant believe ive known him for an entire year.. yet at the same time i cant remember him not in our lives. he definitely completes us as a family! he the perfect mix of both of us.. and he and his big sister share an amazing bond. when he laughs it makes me smile.. when they laugh together it brightens up my whole world.

he has grown from 6lbs 15oz to 24lbs 10oz. and from 20in to 31in! in addition to growing.. he has learned so much! he can do everything you can expect him to do and more... he walks -- he's been getting around really well for about 2 weeks. he talks -- he can say so many things. just this weekend he added nana, papa, bye-bye, ni-ni (night-night), thank you and bat to the list. he does a ton of cute little tricks.. somethings smelly, somethings funny, feeling sick, hands up (of course) and my personal favorite..pretty blue eyes just to name a few. he is quite a little dancer and he loves to laugh! i will try to get a video posted after our ITS ALL ABOUT KORB party on monday. and btw - i heard from someone today that they had not yet rec'd their invite - however, my parents rec'd theirs yesterday. crazy mail system! anyway.. everyone was invited. we left no one out.. come on over! monday 2pm! help us celebrate an awesome first year with korbin nickolis!

these amazing photos are by none other than terry smith of clarine smith photography! she's really the only person thats ever photographed korb.. except for the one time we went to the picture people. pretty lucky kid with his own personal photographer! thanks again terry! you can view the rest of the shoot on her site..its under featured session on the gallery tab. so handsome!

is he really one?!?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hunny,

Just dropping by to show some Love.

Kiss the beautiful kid for me and the lil man is adoreable.

"you" and KP look awesome.

Finally set a date...July 5, 2008.
Save the date

Keep in touch.
Love ya
Nicole, NYC...misses you