Thursday, September 6, 2007

shoffner family reunion

over labor day weekend my fathers family has started a tradition of getting together for a reunion. informal.. burgers and dogs saturday night & lunch in the park on sunday. just enough time for everyone to catch up.. and then they are off. this is the third year.. and it was a lot of fun! my family had to miss it last year.. that's not completely true - kennedy went with nana and papa to represent us.. but korb was born on the wednesday before so he & i were not really up for traveling.. and nick, jenny and dalton were here visiting him. this year we all made the trek so the 'ronnie shoffners' were in full force! all of my dad's brothers and sisters were there.. and most of their children and grandchildren. crazy to think two people could come together and create such an amazingly diverse and broad group of people. im sure its bitter sweet for my dad and his siblings.. makes me miss my grandparents for sure. they would have had a great time! im sure they were both looking down on everyone together with smiles.. kinda like sunday lunch after church when i was a kid - complete with all the boys playing football. funny.. i dont ever remember them taking a break to get some oxygen back then.. or complaining they were soar two days later. funny how things change but for a moment still seem the same. i didnt do the best job at capturing the moment.. but i did get a few good shots.

my dad filled up the pool in the back yard for the kids.. & of course it was difficult to keep our little fish out of it.
just thought this was a funny shot of kennedy
korb in papa's hat.. some of the grandchildren.. by no means all-just some. my parents are way behind in this family even tho theyve tripled their number in the last year!

the label on the side of this wagon clearly stated 'do not place children inside'..problem is korb and dubbers cant read.

when he was done with riding.. we did a lot of chasing.
and that resulted in some really dirty feet! i know what you are thinking..put some shoes on that kid! he has a sore on the top of his foot and its so much worse when he wears shoes. oh well.. nothing a little soap didnt fix!
i failed to get a good pic of my dad and all his brothers and sisters.. this one is a few years old but ive always liked it. silly faces. imagine 6 kids..all their spouses & children and childrens children. families have definitely changed over the years!
but thats ok.. the four of us will have great reunions too. family is family no matter how big or small.

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