Thursday, September 6, 2007

it's ALL about korb!

i have been trying to write this for DAYS! and it is so long.. so ive decided to try to tell the story with the pics instead. after all.. thats how the party planning began. with pictures.. i wanted to make a special collage of pics from korbs first year -- so a couple of weeks ago i started going thru all the folders month by month and choosing my favorites. i thought i had done a really good job at thoroughly editing - but when i went back to review there were more than 350 pictures ~ too many! so i edited them again.. and again.. and again. and finally i got the number down to 175. still a lot. on thursday.. (korbs actual birthday) kelly came over and after waiting til the clock struck 1:59pm (korbs actual-actual birthday) we put the babies down for a nap and started to organize. we ended up covering a 4 ft x 4 ft pc of wood with fabric and even then stressing that there would not be enough room. when korb woke up from after noon nap it was apparent that there were going to be lots of distractions before the collage was finished. he had a giant booger (for lack of better word) in his right eye. definitely not normal for him. this was a clear indication that his infection free first year was over. he did suffer from a few colds in his first year.. and he does get a stuffy nose when we go to childress and im pretty sure he has a touch of mommy's asthma. but nothing major... anyway, we went out to dinner with the usual suspect to celebrate a little on his birthday since the party was still 4 days away. and as the night progressed so did the grossness oozing from his eye. by morning it was a clear case of pink eye. i called the pediatrician...sent most of the daycare kids home for fear of spreading it around and catered to the little man all day. during afternoon nap kelly and i got back to our picture project and i think it turned out great!!!

ok.. let the pics tell the story. this family shot is from dinner that thursday night. it was not exceptionally special..but he had a good time despite the pink eye stuff. kennedy is always good for a laugh.

before we get to the actual party.. you should know about the shirt. with the help of my friend kelly, the week before the party (in between collage making..), we shopped for t shirts to print on. and with the help of a family friend, george trent, they were adorned with a stunning pic of the little man.. and the catch phrase of the day ~ it's ALL about korb! of course..the original idea was for fam.. team palmer, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc to participate. BUT because of all of her hard work in helping me prepare.. i asked team cardwell to participate as well. there were 12 people all together.. including the star himself. his shirt read.. ~ it's ALL about me. they turned out so cute. i really wanna wear mine again! and then there was the party! on labor day the true bday festivities went down.. korbs first birthday party was a success! or at least it was all about korb..just as we planned. my best guess is there were about 50 people here.. special thanks to the REDDICKS for taking pics! it was such a relief to let someone else be in charge of that! THANK YOU! here's a look at korb and some of his buddies...

not sure its necessary to label..but there might be peeps in here that arent too recognizable. excluding this first shot of course!

kelly & ava, mommy & korb, jaime & bexkorb & auntie kelkorb & molly korb & bex
a playroom FULL of friends wanting to be held.. not that anyone at this party was a stranger to him - but its worth noting that he (like his sister) has never met a stranger. he will gladly go to ANYONE. kinda scary.
korb & nana

korb & mommy.. not the best pic. stupid cheesy smile-but the only one i can find of just the two of sort-of looking at the camera.

korb & daddy

korb, daddy and grandpa jim

korb with daddy, grandpa springer and grandma trish

some pics of korb's buddies.. dalton & ali

love this shot of bex!


amy & cash, kelly, aunt jenny!

gracyn & kari.. you guys are next!

team cardwell.. love those shirts!

uncle nick & dalton

nana with ava & sarai can think of several more that we did not get good pics of (and by 'we' i mean jeff!) jk ;).. uncle sam, the kanuths, sandra & zachary campbell, alyson miller, the dreinhoffers, uncle mark, erin kennedy, the mincheys, the rest of the carters, aka jaime and brye, kelli, kaitlyn, kelsi, kaden and the cusanos. im sure there are tons im forgetting! so sorry!!!

and then there was cake..

my mom's friend made this awesome cake.. she took her the invitation that kennedy and i made.. and she copied it exactly. right down to the polka dots. AND it was absolutely delicious AND no one took a picture of it. doesnt that stink! anyway.. she made a smaller version for korb. it was really cute! he ate some..

shared some..

shared some more..

and some more.. all the way to the bathtub! such a good boy!

and then there were presents..

so many presents! thank you all! kyle will have those thank you cards out in the next week, he promises!

this one cracked me up.. everyone got into the spirit! there are tons of opening presents pics.. but this is my favorite.
after most everyone went home.. korb and ava took a little nap while we tried to recover the house. then korb put on his poker face and we played a little cards.
it was really a great day! i hope everyone enjoyed themselves!! thanks for being here to help us celebrate the first year of our little mans life!


Anonymous said...

sorry we left so many people out of the pictures....but in our defense: 1)we didn't know anyone, so they could have just been strangers off the street - who wants a picture of them anyway? 2)kennedy and crew spent 90% of the time in her room 3)this is the most was ALL about Korb - if you weren't near Korb, you weren't in the picture! :)

Also - did NOT intend for a picture of me to end up on your blog - I knew I shouldn't have included those on the disc! :)

Anonymous said...

Paul and I are just honored to have made the blog. We feel like we are somebody now! No pictures necessary!!!