Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i declare today.. catch-up day!

not ketchup-kenners! catch up.. as in its been awhile since ive written in the blog...i cannot believe its already the 18th of september! we've been so busy. imagine that! lets see - what have we done lately? you know what happens when i dont blog for a while.. a list. sorry! its just who i am. two fridays ago kyle took korb for his 12 month well baby check up. i sent a 'list' with him of questions to ask. more like a book, i was later told. anyway, when he pulled it out in the office Dr. E said to him.. i love your wife. its just the most efficient way!

  • saturday the 8th we went to see UNT vs SMU. we will not discuss the out come of the evening.. for the mean green or anyone else for that matter. let's just say it was an early night!
  • the 13th & 14th kyle and a few of his friends participated in a charity golf tournament. this was their second year to support the cause and this year we got to attend a dinner on thursday evening before the golf tourney on friday. the event was called the EARL CAMPBEL AZLEWAY CHARITY DINNER & GOLF CLASSIC. earl campbell was the guest of honor that evening and our table just happened to be right next to his! very cool. he spoke about everything he has going on .. and about the charity. good speech. tho the highlight for me was a story kyle told about seeing him (not all of him!) in the mens room after his speech... a story im sure he'll be telling for a long time. and then there was a private concert with Mark Chestnutt. which was cooler for me. you really forget all the great songs he has made. we had a table to ourselves with the cusano's and ryan rowland. it was really a good time! nikki bonds was nice enough to give up her thursday night and hang out with the K's. thanks nikki!!! when i got home we visited for a while and then said good night.
  • nick and jenny were in town for the weekend.. it was her 10 year class reunion. friday night, however, they ditched out on the planned festivities and hung out with us and the usual suspects instead! very formal.. bueno and poker. fun tho. it was good to see them!!
  • saturday.. guess what we did?!?!? NOTHING! thats right. nothing. we didnt go anywhere. we didnt have anyone over. we didnt cook. we didnt clean. (we didnt even shower..probably TMI) something we are totally not used too! it was nice... we enjoyed the fam. nice change once in a great while! saving up for dave matthews this weekend.. its gonna be a long one!
  • we did have a few people over on sunday.. to watch the boys! its great that they won.. but the major accomplishment of the day was definitely ava officially crawling! yea..cub is mobile!!!

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