Tuesday, September 25, 2007

our dave matthews weekend..

kyle telling me how much im gonna love dave..
we bought tickets to see the dave matthews band in concert months ago. literally april. and saturday was the big day. here's the problem with planning months in advance.. hype. five months worth of anticipation is a lot to live up to.. even for dave. so.. kyle drove korb & kenners to meet nana & papa on friday. and instead of getting some much needed rest.. we went out. well, not out exactly. we went to a birthday party. kyle's friends ben & josh self were turning 28 and there was a surprise party for them. it was actually nice to hang out with some of his chilli's buddies that we dont see often. we were home at a fairly decent hour..but we did sleep entirely too late on saturday. gracy's birthday party was that afternoon.. and despite our lazy morning we did make it in time for all the festivities and before she had to take a nap.. the cake was amazing and the decorations so adorable! im so glad we went.. even tho korb & kennedy couldnt be there! post bday party the plan was to go straight to casa de cardwell and head out to tailgate. we hoped to leave by 3. the weather was perfect.. 88 degrees.. should be a great time. but of course we stopped by the house to change clothes - turned on the tv.. watched some college football.. loaded up the truck.. went back for a little more football.. and then finally made it to frisco. after a debate about which tahoe to drive.. so silly.. we were off. at 430. it did not appear we had missed a lot in the way of tailgating when we arrived. not a ton of people there. which was surprising to me. we turned up the stereo.. opened the doors and windows and quickly made some friends.. couldnt help feeling like we were the 'old' people in the lot. pretty popular tho.. seems that kids today realize that more mature (hate to say older) people have better stuff than they have. and by stuff i mean music.. and speakers.. and chairs. so we tossed around a football and shared our stuff with our young friends for an hour and a half or so.. passed along a copy of one of our favorite dave cd's for them to remember us by and then headed inside. REK opened.. i was sure it would be the highlight of the evening for me. i think he was on stage for 15 min.. kelly says 10.. but i will give him 15. not long enough, thats for sure! dave played a long set. a lot of new music.. or at least music i did not recognize. we did hear jimmy thing.. which was pretty much the highlight for me. it was really cool to be there with the cardwells! and we had a great time.. despite not living up to the hype.
most of the usual suspects.. the mincheys were in texia or is that mexia?

me and kel!

and one random pic with one of the guys from maryland we hung out with in the lot


Kelly said...

texia...mexia...who even knows???

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