Saturday, October 6, 2007

the mayor of puke-town

.. i have so many half finished posts. and i will finish them! but right now im the mayor of puke town and dont have a spare minute to blog. one at a time everyone in the family has been sick with a stomach virus over the last few days. including myself. but luckily the urge to throw-up hit me last night in the middle of the night. i only say luckily because - tho there wasnt anyone to take care of me.. at least there wasnt anyone for me to take care of in addition to being sick. they all slept right thru it. and sleep seems to be the only thing getting us thru this. so, for now, team palmer is quarantined to our white pine casa hoping to recover soon and keep our germs to ourselves. miss you all. thanks for all the love.. keep the text messages coming! and thanks for checking on us!!!

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Anonymous said...

Heard you guys were sick on Friday and Jackson woke up Saturday with a 102 temp and super cranky - down to 101 today only kinda cranky. I guess it is going around because others at work are sick too. Hope you guys get better! Jen Cusano