Monday, October 8, 2007

birthday parties..birthday parties and more birthday parties...

kennedys birthday was on the 24th of sept.. on her bday we had some cake and sang happy birthday with our closest family friends. and she opened presents from her father. she was very excited about them.. he got everything on her list. then on friday evening kelly, aaron, kyle and i (along with cub and the kobra) took kennedy and 4 of her buddies out for her birthday party. we all went to brother's pizza..where there was a random carello family sighting! -- ate dinner..opened presents and had cheesecake ~ which is kennedy's favorite thing in the entire world! then kelly and i took the girls to the movie theatre. men and babies not allowed! we saw the game plan. it was opening night.. they had a blast. the evening was so packed with stuff to do and so rushed there werent not too many pics -- but still wanted to share the best.

on saturday the 29th we headed to rockwall for a kanuth birthday party celebration! it was elle's party - but kates birthday. elle's was the day before... it was a great time! we had so much fun. they planned a ton of stuff for the little guys to do. there were water games for the big kids and the babies.. and the daddies with the babies. too cute. elle's grandmother made these amazing party hats for all the kids. korb wore his forever! i only got one pic of elle.. eating cake. there were a couple of others but they look like my mom took them.. (she wasnt there..maybe kennedy?) anyway, it was great fun and im so glad we got to celebrate with them! thanks guys for letting us be apart of your special day!

elle..the cake was amazing korb.. in his is hat!kaden liked the cake. not sure about the hat..
he's so handsome!
kennedy.. in her hat
kel & ava .. not participating in water fun.
that was a daddy job.
and the daddies were so good at it! caden and jackson swimming it up!
korb loving the pool!
and korb.. still in his hat! i love this one.. pink balloon and all!

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