Tuesday, October 30, 2007

from unt to dallas and back..

this past saturday was north texas homecoming. kyle's mom kept the little kid and the little man and we drove up to denton around noon.. well, noon was the plan but i think we left about 12:45. we spent a couple of hours tailgating and watching the parade. btw..no elephant. kyle got to see a lot of old friends. then we drove to dallas for our new annual anniversary thing - a pat green concert! two years in a row..i hope he realizes that and keeps up the tradition. im sure that he plans the event just for us. more tailgating..an awesome rendition of galleywinter (nicole..you shouldve been there!) ..and then we were off to make an appearance at the tavern. its a long drive from dallas to denton. i was sleepy.. kyle dropped me off at the hotel and met up with the boys. i claimed a bed and got a few hours sleep before the crew made it in. we shared a room with the mincheys.. one-third of team cardwell.. and an arnold twin. dont know which one. it took me 3 years to realise there were 2. it will take me at least that long to figure out which is which. and has anyone ever really seen them in the same room.. i havent. maybe there's just one with multiple personalities? who knows.. a breakfast buffet and we were back to the real world. think we are going to stay in it for a while.
so..these are all the homecoming pics we took.
kanuths & cardwells imagine that!
our pat green crew. the couple in the middle are friends of kyles from work. the ultimate pat fans. and the chic? just some random from the parking lot.
pretty sure he was showing off the PG coozie..not his arm. but either way..honey - where'd you get those guns? pretty good seats.. evidently that little guy - pats son - has a birthday around our anniversary. how cool must it be to have daddy sing happy birthday to you on stage in front of a gazillion people every year?!

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