Tuesday, October 9, 2007

some things that make me smile...

whoppers.. whoppers make me smile. you know, the original malted milk ball. they were one of my dad's favorite candies when i was a kid. a few weeks ago i thought of them and really wanted some! i guess you could call it a craving -- but dont get any ideas! anyway.. it was a lazy sunday and going to the store, getting out, going in.. all seemed like a lot of work so i settled for a milkshake from sonic - thought the chocolate would do the trick.. drive up, someone brings it to your car, much better. then last friday when most of our crew was sick i went to walmart to pick up some medicine. the pharmacy is right across from the halloween display and there they were. did you know.. that there's only 7 grams of fat in one serving? i know what you're thinking..how many are in a serving - 5? nope. 18. thats awesome! just another reason why whoppers make me smile!!!

and as a side note.. i saw that sonic now (and for a limited time only) has whopper shakes! someone at sonic is in my head! i havent had one yet but im sure it wont be long!!

nick folk makes me smile. what a game, huh? it was thrilling to say the least. we were on the edge of our seats.. or standing on the coffee table (kp..not me) the entire time. i searched for a pic from the game. there were plenty. the moment - well, both 'moments' were captured very well. but you can see those anywhere. i found this pic in my search. not sure who's underwear those are but i think they say it all. and it made me smile.

kennedy has been grounded for an entire week. that does not make me smile. we started out with one week.. and we've added 3 days for poor behavior. i was pretty sure she would never get ungrounded.. but yesterday. from morning - to after school - to evening - to bedtime.. she did not argue. she did not talk back. i cant say perfect angel.. but very pleasant to hang out with and very helpful. sissy..that makes me smile.

a couple of pics that make me smile.. they have great explanations. but i dont think they are necessary.. they make me smile with out the info.
korb has hit a stage where he wants to repeat every word you say. he tries so hard and isnt always successful but its so cute. he can say a lot of stuff! on that same trip to walmart that blessed us with the whoppers.. he was in the cart and i was talking to my mom on the phone. i said mom, he said mom. i said nana, he said nana. i was talking about his daddy, he said daddy. then he started to gag.. i thought for sure that he was about to throw up. i panicked. he laughed. he was faking. then he did it over and over. and laughed. i was still on the phone with my mom .. and i said to her. he is faking.. he should not know how to do that! i said thats crap, he said crap. not cool i know. but it made me smile.
these pics have nothing to do with the story.. but they make me smile too. thats korb in his ladies man t-shirt compliments of his uncle sam.

and those are his 'ladies'!

and finally.. poop. solid poop. funny that poop would make me smile - but my kid and every other kid who's poop i change on a regular basis has been so gross for a week now. korb had a normal poop this morning and it made me smile. sometimes its the small things..... sorry. no pic!

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