Tuesday, October 30, 2007

congrats to aly and paul..

my good friends aly and paul have decided to tie the knot! well.. she decided along time ago and now they are making it official. i was invited..with a select few friends..to attend the bachelorette party a couple of weekends ago. i know.. i know. why has it taken so long to write about it? well theres a good explanation. sort of. i forgot my camera. but i was confident that someone else would have one.. not so much. so i had to buy one of those disposable camera's. like the one i bought at the river... have you seen those pics yet? no. hate picking up pictures! and really ..whats a post with out any pictures? the party was on a saturday night.. and we left the next friday for chicago. sun-thurs should have been enough time to get them developed. but i also had to find halloween costumes and get ready for our trip. enough excuses! sorry it took so long aly! but here it is! ...i will pick up the pictures and add them to the post. before you are a married woman. i promise! cant tell you all the details.. that would not be cool. since a bachelorette party is kindof a final single right of passage. however..i can fill you in on some of the highlights. there were 4 of us plus the blushing bride. i had met all the others, in passing once or twice, during my days at NM, but for the most part i was the stranger in the group. we all emailed for a couple of weeks working out the details.. and saturday the 13th was the day. which was also the day of jackson cusano's 3rd bday party. i got up early on saturday morning so that kennedy and i could spend some quality time together. we went to learning express..she spent some of her birthday money and we got a pretty cool present for jackson. i even had it wrapped so that the k-team wouldnt have to do anything to get ready for their party (yes, kari, learning express wraps everything for free but kyle didnt know that!) i filled the truck up with gas so that they wouldnt have to make a stop on their way to coppell..got both the kids dressed..picked up the present and sent them on their way. now it was time for mommy to focus on her own party. turns out one of the other girls lives somewhat near me in allen and we had planned to ride together. after packing a little bag for myself. wrapping my gift. picking up the food i was in charge of. and finally getting a bite to eat myself - i arrived at tiffany's house about 45 minutes behind schedule. it seems when aly was telling them all about her friend jammi..she failed to mention that i am always late. its not that im slow -- just usually try to get too much done in too little time. anyway..scooped her up and we were on our way. called ahead..told them we were running late..everything was good. until we ran out of gas. thats right. out of gas. with someone i barely knew. so embarrassing. we were in kyle's car. i was so concerned with getting the family taken care of and all the stuff ready for both parties that i didnt even look at his gas gauge. tiffany's sweet husband brought us a little gas in his lawn mower gas can so that we could make it to a station. and then we were off again. we finally arrived at hotel zaza around 540pm. only 1 hour and 40 minutes late! we valeted the car..snuck in our wine..and loaded up to pick alyson up from work. upon our return we uncorked a few bottles of wine and finally sat down. she opened all her gifts.. i will not be sharing what they were.. {except for the joke in the bottom of my bag of goodies. a pregnancy test! by my best calculations it should be pink within two weeks of the wedding and we will be throwing a baby shower by may.} we finally got ready around 9 and made our way to a bar.. we gave aly choices of things to do on her so called last night of freedom and she chose a country bar called Gilley's. we ended up staying there all night. (they needed a few cool girls like us to really make the bar shine) i think everyone had a great time. most everyone rode the mechanical bull..i did not. chicken, i guess. there was a band or two. and a lot of boot scootin. aly will have to teach paul some of her new skills. tiffany and i had a little late night random fun with the camera. at the bar.. dont get any ideas. had to use all the film. and who says you have to have security clearance to get on the stage with the band?!! thank you so much for inviting me!

come on girls.. this is gonna be fun!
mel, aly, syd and tiff
aly & jammi

sydney on the bull.. look aly its easy!
aly on the bull!
sydney, aly & jammi
sydney & tiffany
aly finds a dance partner..plastic horns..seems harmless enough!
then jammi and tiff find fun stuff to do with the disposable camera..gotta use it to develop it right?
jammi & tiff..with security

jammi & tiff on stage

there are more jammi and tiff pics..but you'll have to go see them for your self on shutterfly. this post is about aly!!!

the rest of the pictures are here..

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