Tuesday, October 30, 2007

our halloween..

seems like halloween is turning into one of those holidays (like birthdays) that last a full week. we had a costume party last friday night and it was so much fun! the evening before kennedy and kyle carved pumpkins for decoration.. they had such a great bonding time! it was very cool to watch. and watch we did.. korb and i did not get our hands dirty! we did have a little dress up fun, tho. he tried on all of sisters old costumes.. well, i sortof made him try them on..but he had fun! he was a rainbow carebear.. a honey pot.. a pumpkin.. and next up was a princess. but daddy drew the line there. and he refused to let us take pics..not sure why. korb was an adorable carebear! anyway.. it was a fun night!

one pumpkin down and then the little man had to go night-night.

daddy and the little kid finished the second masterpiece..on friday, we all got our costumes on and got ready to "party, party, party" (thats a gracy reddick quote). there were 6 couples here and everyone played along with the costumes required theme. it was so much fun to see all the babies! i say we keep up the tradition!

the princess..and the frog

spartan cheerleaders..and the frog ???

ugly betty.. and the frog ?? the frog was in a 'hold me' mood for sure.

ugly betty.. I LOVE IT!!

the shrek's ..and the cutest little lady bug in town.

the carter family farmers!

what's gonna work? team work! kanuth's were awesome wonder pets!

the degele's!

doodle bop mo!! aka caden degele..

most of the babies.. except the frog. somebody was probably holding him. kennedy loved christy's wig.. and lipstick.. and flower.. and basically christy in general! thanks, christy, for being so good with her!

tonight we went to the fall festival at kennedys school.. but somehow i forgot my camera. loser! oh well.. tomorrow the kids will get dressed up yet again for trick or treating. ill take lots of pics. .. and of course kennedy will have on her real costume. just like last years chickens..the princess and the frog was the theme mommy chose for them. you'll just have to check back to see what she really wanted to be!

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