Tuesday, September 25, 2007

prayer for mycah

funny how God works.. and how your perspective can be changed in the blink of an eye. or.. in this case the ringing of your cell phone. kyle came home so frustrated after the dr's appt on thursday.. overwhelmed by the morning and by the giant list of medication. we were not necessarily feeling sorry for ourselves, because again, korb seems fine. if you didnt know the symptoms you would never know hes sick.. if he were unenergetic and needy im sure 'feeling sorry for ourselves' would be the correct statement. i think overwhelmed and a little down totally describes our mood at the time.. anyway, just as kyle got out the door for work and i got korb started on lunch my cell phone rang. it was jaime carter... as you know jaime and i grew up together. k-12.. childress ISD. she was calling to let me know that she had just spoken with her mom. her mom had shared with her that a good friend of ours from school was here in dallas at parkland with her little girl mycah and that mycah was very sick. and they suspect it might be leukemia. talk about a wake up & count your blessings moment. jaime and i both went to work trying to figure out a way to get in touch with our friend angie. jaime finally decided to call the hospital and just try to find them that way. mission accomplished. angie shared with her that mycah had been sick for a little while (weeks.. not months) with normal childhood runny nose, fever, ear infection type symptoms. on tuesday evening things seemed much worse so they took her to the ER in waxahachie (they live in midlothian). on thursday afternoon when jaime spoke to her she was expecting the worst. jaime asked if she and i could visit on friday evening and bring dinner. so thats what we did. jaime prepared a meal (dont worry i didnt cook anything) and we headed out around 6. the family had just gotten the official diagnosis a few hours before we arrived. it is leukemia. i cannot imagine. they were told by the dr's that its 'the good kind'.. and that if you had to pick one for your child - this is the one you would pick. and if you had to choose an age 4 and half..is the perfect one. the recovery rate is very high. it will be a long road.. 2.5 years of treatment. but they can beat it. i must admit that in the face of it all.. i would be a basket case. i was so amazed with angie's strength. she was taking great peace in the statistics and just seemed very matter of fact in her stance that they will beat this. and that it will make them stronger. she had the best attitude! we asked if she wanted us to spread the word.. and her answer was 'yes, i want people to pray'. so im making a request.. PRAY FOR MYCAH! and for angie and chris. and their parents and friends. they will need so much love and support in the next few years. i will share any updates i receive..

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