Tuesday, September 25, 2007

update on the little man

sorry its taken me a few days to get this post out. we had a busy weekend.. but before we get to that post.. i wanted to let everyone know what happened at the pulmonologist appt last thursday. kyle took the morning off work to spend with korb at the dr's office. they arrived around 820 for an 830 appt. they finally made their way home around 11. both exhausted! they havent specifically diagnosed him as asthmatic.. but the clues are there. for now we are on a respiratory treatment regimen to get his lungs completely clear... 5 breathing treatments a day for the rest of the week. and then 3 a day until we can make it thru an entire week with out coughing/wheezing. he also has a touch of reflux. (he coughs when he drinks.. and asperates a little each time - keeping his bronchial tubes contantly full of fluid) so we have to give him a daily medication for that.. and we have to use this thicking gel in all his liquids - to help him swallow them and keep them down. both of his ears were infected.. so we have an antibiotic for that. and some allergy medication to boot. thats a lot of stuff for a little guy who made it an entire year with out any antibiotics! we understand that we just have to get his little lungs well before flu and rsv season hit. it will be much easier for him to bounce back from even a cold if he goes into it well .. instead of adding to a cough. the breathing treatments stink! he hates them. and its a lot of medication.. so its a 15 minute struggle. completely exhausting for him.. and me. hopefully we will soon be down to daily preventative medicine! then we will only have to fight our way thru 2 each day. please understand that he is definitely not 'sickly'. infact, i have to remind myself after every screaming breathing treatment that he really does need this. and that it will help him rest so much easier in the long run. to watch him play.. you'd never know he's working harder than any other child to move air thru his little lungs. and we are doing all of this to make sure the healthy kid you see running around is truly all there is to see.

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