Thursday, August 23, 2007

this weeks news..

it has been such a crazy week.. and honestly we havent really done anything.. the weekend was busy - but they always are. its just been one of those weeks where you wake up on thursday and think it totally has to be friday.. but no. you still have another full day of work.

korb's upcoming birthday party has been a focus.. ive really put off planning it. i mean- we chose the day for the party a while ago. it took some planning because of the holiday - but other than that i think ive been in denial. i cannot beleive he's already having his first birthday. seems too fast. we went to cash cannons bday party on sunday.. both the kids had lots of fun! it definitely made me realise that i need to get on the ball!! ill attach some pics from cash's bday. i have used all of my free nap time this week to make korbs birthday party invites.. decided to try to be creative and kennedy really wanted to help. so i searched and searched for an original idea -- and finally (after a lot of time on the computer) kennedy was done with helping. she was so bored. i told her that i had to find something.. she had a jealous moment and said to me ITS ALL ABOUT KORB isnt it? and i decided that was it! so the theme is ITS ALL ABOUT KORB. when she figured out that it was her idea (whether or not she had good intentions with saying it) she was back in help mode. we drew and colored and pasted.. and the invites are in the mail today! in other korb news.. he has been walking everywhere for almost a week now. and he seems to have it all figured out.. i think we can officially call him a walker! one more cute pic.. on tuesday i was filling sippy cups and when i came around the corner into the play room.. this is what i saw. sort of. of course they got down while kennedy was getting the camera. sippy cups are priority. but we restaged them and its just as cute! unfortunately it was around 430 and sam was napping.. but its most of the gang. love my job!and in other kennedy news.. on tuesday evening she was bit by our neighbors dog. maybe thats why the week has seemed so long. we've spent some extra time taking care of her for sure. she is ok.. but it was very scary. she'd love to tell you the story, im sure you can imagine her detail -- basically a nice dog, a terrior, that got startled. he bit her arm, hand and chest. pretty ugly. but we called the pediatrician and she said there's not a lot that can be done..just keep it clean and only bring her in if it seems to be showing signs of infection. so far.. no signs of anything. keep your fingers crossed.

so.. next week we will officially have a second grader and a 1 year old. craziness!

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Anonymous said...

that picture is adorable! looks like gracy is the only one in her pj's - guess we should start actually dressing her. :)