Monday, August 13, 2007

she's back!!!!

ive been working on this post for a few days.. just so many pictures to go thru! anyway.. kari- she is here, i promise! this should prove it...

kennedy came home last tuesday..and not a moment too soon! we have missed her terribly this summer! korb was very excited to see his big sis! we spent the whole week and weekend enjoying her company and hearing all her stories about her trip. she got to do so much!!! i am helping her update her blog with all her stories... i'll link them when we are finished. we have two weeks before she has to go back to school. i see a lot of hanging out, visiting friends and swimming in those two weeks!

the reunion.. at the pool.. i think she missed christian a little too.
hanging out with korb.. tv watching
the return of the tent.. i told them they could build it just for the day. last thursday. still up a week later.
she got to attend christians last basketball game and then go out to dinner with the carello's nick, jenny & dalton surprised her for the weekend!
saturday she got to see most of the crew at the cusano's.. she loves those cusano boys!!
kennedy & jackson
kennedy & tucker

she has also been busy teaching korb how to walk..this is his new favorite game - somehow she squishes herself into that baby doll stroller and he pushes her endlessly. very funny to to follow! in the first pic she had her foot down like a brake so i could get a pic and he was yelling at her to go! she says shes not sure what she was doing with her teeth..but the laughter on their faces is too priceless not to post...
stroller fun..
she has also gotten to spend lots of time with the cardwells and mincheys in the last week.. but somehow i did not get pics. im sure there will be lots of kennedy pics to follow... as you can see - she's pretty fond of the camera. we are very glad to have her home.

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