Wednesday, August 1, 2007

has it really been 11 months???

wow.. i know i say this every month but i really cant believe it. we visited korb's pediatrician last week. 9 month check up a little late.. we had to reschedule it twice. oh well, seeing that he is perfectly healthy and did not need any shots. no harm no foul. the good news is i have current 'stats' for this months update. he was 24 lbs and 10 oz.. 31.5 inches long. still over 90th percentile for both. that's our boy!!

trying something new for this months baby update.. enjoy!!!

just a few things korb can do at 11 months...


Unknown said...

Hi Jammi! Love you video! You are on my site, so who knows how many people read your blog.:)

Anonymous said...

I heard Mark say "I have never laughed so hard at dinner!" Are you sure he didn't have fun? :)