Tuesday, July 31, 2007

probably too old for weekends like this...

every week i end up blogging about the weekend... theres something to be said about wishing your life away to get to the weekend.. but last weekend was worth it!!! it was so busy.. and so long.. and we didnt take any time off. thats awesome!! we did start early.. on thursday evening the usual suspects came over for dinner. kyle cooked my new favorite meal.. pork tenderloin. he found an apple bourbon marinade thats amazing. thanks for braving the rain to grill it outside honey! on friday after work we took korb to visit a friend and actually went on a date!!! it was the first time we've been in a restaurant, just the two of us, in so long. well, except for applebees in new braunsfels on our river weekend...but that was not a highlight. in fact ive been thinking its a bullet point i missed on that post
  • if youre ever out to dinner.. and your date falls asleep. try not to take it personally.

anyway.. back to this weekend. the occasion was actually a birthday party for one of kyles buddies at mantus downtown. but that did not get started until 11ish so we got dressed early, dropped off the baby and went out to dinner. pf changs in addison. it was a very nice dinner. then we met up with sam and made our way downtown.. http://www.mantusdallas.com/ mantus is always a cool scene. we did not do a very good job of capturing the evening on film.. in fact we got three pics on the way out... all three compliments of the artist known as kp. sorry!

saturday kyle golfed and i shopped with kelly c. we ventured to northpark.. first time ive been there in a really long time. we did not stay long.. hit the XXI and chick fil a and went home. it was a little weird being there... as i drove into the garage i was thinking -- wonder how much has changed around here. but as i rounded the corner to go up a level and almost ran into malcolm reuben (neimans store manager) in his maserati.. as i must admit ive almost done several times before... i realized its probably just business as usual, minus james. weird feeling. anyway... after shopping we were off to get ready for night number 3 of hanging out. the crew, mincheys-palmers-cardwells met in frisco at team cardwells house, we piled in a tahoe.. one of the many.. and made our way to denton to see the infamous beerman. http://www.brianhouser.com/ we had an awesome time. no dressing up necessary... unfortunately the only pics are before the show at aaron & kellys and after the show at andy & saras. but they are still worth posting..thanks kelly for remembering your camera! i promise we have some different readers. in fact you never know how many people are reading til you make a comment about an air mattress in a tahoe... you'd think that would be enough fun for any weekend, right? wrong! sunday night, kelly and i met jenn cusano and erin kennedy downtown (again) near the AAC for dinner and then we went to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert. it was such a cool show! it lasted forever!!! some of my favorite things about the show include...
  • the fact that faiths hair seemed a little humidity-out-of-control - makes her normal like us, sort of.
  • they sang ANGRY ALL THE TIME together, which is my favorite Tim song EVER!
  • ive seen him in concert before and he always does a few really great covers.. i think i called/texted everyone i know when he sang DAC's the ride. Well, I climbed out of that Cadillac and I said Mister, many thanks.he said you don't have to call me mister, Mister.The whole world calls me Hank. it was almost as good as beerman doing it the night before! if only tim would sing pancho and lefty...now that would have been cool.
  • the random limo ride back to our parking lot.. thats a whole post by itself.

i am so glad we went.. THANKS JEN! what a great idea.. again - like a bad blogger i did not have my camera. but we made friends with the peeps in front of us and they emailed theirs. very thoughtful! funny though. the pics of tim are much more clear than the pic of the four of us... we were a little fuzzy by the end of the night anyway. so i guess its only fitting.

probably too old for weekends like this... but sometimes you just need to pretend youre still young! i really needed to get out! we had a blast...

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