Thursday, July 19, 2007

let the weekend begin.. a little early!

...its been a long week. and its only thursday! dalton was in & out of the hospital all week.. and even from a far it was stressful! cant imagine how nick and jenny must be feeling.. we've been so worried about him, but i think he's finally getting back to his mischievous self. at least thats what nick tells me... jenny tells the story of their week much better than i could.. and the pics of dubbers in the hospital gown are too much!

and this weekend is our river trip!!! it looks like we all need this much anticipated break more than ever!!! i know i do.. and im sure they do! im so excited about getting out of town!! not too excited about the camping part...but i guess it comes with the territory..mosquitoes and all. got a new swimsuit.. been tanning.. (shhh, dont tell jenn) and i think im ready!

korb is all packed for his visit to nana and papa's. im going to drive him to childress today as soon as the last baby goes home.. my mom and dad have strict instructions NOT to let him take his first steps during his stay. mom said, "well.. what if he just does it on his own? and we dont help him..." i said, "knock him down!!!" of course, i dont want her to knock him down, literally, unless thats what it takes to keep him from walking! kennedy will be home in 2.5 weeks and she doesnt want him to learn without her! this weekend is the old settlers rodeo and parade in my home town.. i tried to find a good link for more info..but all i can find is dates and times. so basically.. its a rodeo. that travels around texas. and in my little home town they make quite a weekend of festivities to celebrate. the rodeo will actually take place friday and saturday night at the arena.. but there will be a parade on saturday morning.. booths.. paddle boats.. and barbeques in the park all weekend. im leaving my camera with nana.. well, maybe papa. (nana doesnt take the best pics) so hopefully they will document korb's first rodeo well.. no pressure guys!

so today is my friday!!! ready for a little break... im attaching a few random pics of the little man to hold grandma trish and kenners over til we get back! he's a funny little guy.. check out that grill as dada says..

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