Sunday, July 15, 2007

a good week!

wow.. its been more than a week since ive made a post. time sure gets away from you when your having a good time! my mom was here last week.. it was so great to spend time with her! ive seen her at least once a month since she stopped being our full time nanny and went back to her real life..but we havent gotten to really just hang out since our vacation in march. somehow that seems like a life time ago! we had lots of quality time together. she was a saint with the babies. TONS of help! LOVE YOU MOM!!!

here's a cool story that unfolded last week. my mom is an only child.. and both of her parents have been gone for sometime now. family is very important to her, no big secret.. she'd love for all of us to live on the same street and eat dinner together every night! last week, while she was here she made a phone call to a cousin she hasnt seen in about 15 years.. she found out that he lives in mckinney thru another family member that she doesnt see often. they talked on monday evening.. she had lunch with he and his wife on tuesday.. AND they invited us over for dinner friday night. we all really enjoyed their company! we had a great time..and i really hope they keep in touch. when we were leaving on friday.. they asked my parents when they are planning to move to mckinney.. ive been asking that for years!

im posting a few pics from nana's visit..the giant dog belongs to my mom's cousins family. his name is sparticus --- and he is HUGE!

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