Friday, July 6, 2007

crazy 4th of july week..

what is up with this week!?!?! dont know about anyone else..but i have no idea what day of the week it is! and even though we had a break in the middle i am so tired!!! whats up with that?

first i have to issue a special thanks to my partner in crime auntie kel.. with out her this would be a pretty boring post.. you see i totally forgot my camera both days. how lame is that! thanks, kelly, for saving the day..twice!

we had a great holiday.. it was all fun..maybe too much fun. could be why im tired! we went to addison to the kaboom town festival with the cardwells and mincheys tuesday the 3rd.. we really had a good time. after much debate we ended up setting up camp in a parking lot on the corner of addison rd and keller springs (right across the street from the outer did that bring back some memories!!) the kids were so good .. as usual. we bought them glow sticks.. which they thought were super cool. of course eventually they ended up chewing on them.. but that was not the last we saw of the glow sticks that night! the fireworks did not begin until 930ish.. well after their bedtime. and while they seemed to think they were cool and all.. korb didnt quite make all the way thru with his eyes open. and then there was the traffic debacle on the ride home - kelly and i were the only ones laughing, im sure. gotta make the best of a bad situation, right?

pretty babies..

sound asleep on daddy's head.. so sweet! ..crazy traffic on the way home-notice the glow sticks. pretty hard to take them seriously like that.and we spent the day at the cusano's on wednesday the 4th. it was so great to see everyone!! we had an awesome time. the food was amazing, as always. we ate, we swam, we ate, we talked, then we ate some more... the house is beautiful! congrats you guys! we had such a good time, you really out-did yourself this time! one of our favorite parts of the day was getting to see all the babies together. last year we were all prego.. this year we were discussing first birthday plans. my how time flies!

there are several of these.. i just picked the best of my boys.

to end the holiday.. the cardwells, mincheys and palmers headed to frisco. the plan was to watch the frisco fireworks from the roof top of casa de cardwell. while that only happened for a select few.. derek and kyle... it was a nice way to end the holiday. reminded of how lucky we are to have great friends. im pretty sure kyle will not be happy with me for posting this pic -- but it proves the point so well. we are definitely creating a last friendship between ava (aka cub) and korb. a true attitude of 'whats yours is mine and whats mine is yours'...

whats wrong with this pic?


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Unknown said...


Just checked out your blog! You are soo great at keeping up with that. I am awful. I try and get some new stuff up, but I am soo busy! Anyway, wanted to tell you, you are also great at documenting and doing stuff with your kiddos! Great mom! I wish I was the one who took the shot of Korbin asleep on Kyle's head! I love it!