Monday, July 2, 2007

korb is 10 months old!

can you believe it? i can not believe it! how have 10 months already gone by? seriously.. i wish i could make it slow down - but i love watching him grow and learn... i think he learns a new 'trick' daily.

he has 6 teeth now. finally 2 on the top - and they make him look so much more like a little boy instead of a baby.

he can stand up/pull up anywhere on anything! he even lets go and stands on his own for long periods of time. i dont want to rush him.. or assume anything but i dont think it will be too long before he is really walking! we have found that walking, unfortunately, is not necessary to get up the stairs. we will probably be climbing over that gate for the next couple of years!

he has such a personality of his own... he has this thing about putting his hands up in the air. we just love it. its so cute. he often does it in restaurants sitting in a highchair. everyone at the table (and sometimes the wait-staff) always follow his lead.. hands up! we've been the table with their 'hands up' at 3 or 4 restaurants between frisco and mckinney over the last two weeks. ava hasnt quite figured out how to join in yet - but im sure it wont be long! i took this with my phone.. to send to team cardwell - this was one of the very few times we've eaten out with out them lately and we felt like they should follow along from home!

of course he is still a big boy.. couldnt tell you exact measurements but he has an appt this month with his pediatrician. i'll update again then. he is eating big people food and loving every bite. he is a fruit & vegetable guy for sure, unlike daddy! he loves mixed veggies, peas & carrots, green beans, bananas, oranges, peaches.. he does eat 'meat sticks'. turkey's his fav.. he's also a big fan of baby snacks like puffs and those dried fruit things...not sure if they have a name. we have found one picky thing that korbin nickolis does not like. anything warm. its so funny.. if you give him a bite of anything that is not room temp or below. he makes the most awful face, his eyes water, he gags, he cries. it so sad! not sure what thats all about but im not complaining - less work for mommy, not having to warm things up.

he learned to say mama!!!! so exciting! it was the day we went to the zoo when he said it for the first time.. and since then its more like a distress call than my name but thats ok with me! he is really starting to communicate more. he still says dada of course.. he has mastered 'hi'.. still ba for bite and baba for bottle.. he knows kitty.. almost puppy and papa.. he has said uh-oh a couple of times.. and when he waves bye-bye it is absolutely precious! he has definitely learned the names of the people he spends time with the most. if you ask him where mom or dad is he always looks to that person.. and if you ask where ava is he can find her with his eyes too.

im sure there are things that he does that im forgetting to write about... he is so much fun right now. every month kyle says to me that this is his favorite age.. im sure that wont always be the case so we are going to enjoy every minute while it is! here are a couple of current favorite pics..besides all the great ones from the zoo.

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame that we have the most handsome and the smartest grandson in the world but I guess we are just lucky that he has two wonderful parents and a very loving sister and two sets of grandparents who love him very much. I loved your blog about Fathers Day and you dad and Kyle. Love you all, Granny.......