Friday, July 6, 2007

one month month to go

we are in the home stretch!! well, really just the half way mark but im trying to stay positive.. kennedy is having a great time in california with her father. she really hasnt had two minutes of down time to miss us... while we are all glad she is having fun...its always hard to watch her grow and learn and experience from afar. such is life i suppose.. no need to dwell. we will just count the days til she's singing songs about texas falling asleep next to dirk.. and teaching the little man to say sissy.

since she left on june 2nd, she has gotten to do a ton of stuff. she spent a little more than a week in childress living the lazy small town life.. she went to a wedding in pecos, texas.. she visited carlsbad caverns in new mexico.. she drove across several states and up old route 66.. spent some time in LA.. went to a graduation party.. learned the basics of surfing at surf camp.. and all about horses at horseback riding camp.. saw a few movies and this weekend she is on her way to vegas for a 7-7-07 wedding. there was a story in the associated press about the wedding they are attending and it will be featured on good morning america.. so by the end of the weekend we could have a television star on our hands too!!! i'll keep you posted on that!
kennedy and her father sent pics thru shutterfly yesterday of her adventures so far.. im gonna post a few and link the rest of the album if anyone wants to check them out.

miss you baby girl..dont forget about us! i love you and we will see you real soon... xoxoxo, mommy!
a party she attended in CA.

surf camp..

horseback riding camp..

there should be more to come of horse back riding camp.. just all they had time to download yesterday.

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