Thursday, July 26, 2007

i love technology...

feel a little kip dynamite-like today... since my last post on thursday i have not been able to spend one second on the Internet and i almost didnt make it! my parents computer has a virus.. kyle told them to bring it to mckinney so that he and our resident IT person could reformat it. feeling bad that we have two computers in our house.. and they would be with out even one.. (except for dad's work laptop..which he does not share with my spider-solitaire playing mom) i took kennedy's computer to them when i dropped korb off for our grown-up weekend of fun. i guess all the talk about repairing someone elses computer motivated kyle to 'fix' ours. so, $100 bucks, 10 hours less sleep this week and more indebtedness to brye (the resident IT guy) later.. we have a fancy new computer. i understand that its really the old computer, for the most part, in a new case. but it looks fancy and it gets me on the net and thats all i really care about!!! ive been so disconnected! but im back... always and forever

working on recaps from the weekend.. ours and korbs. if nap time isnt cut short.. and i can stop reading everyone elses blogs..i might get them done today

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