Thursday, July 26, 2007

...the weekend

not sure where to start... let me first say that above all - it was great to see nick & jenny, and her family. and their friends were really cool. i enjoyed meeting everyone so much. and im glad we got out of town. other than that... it was crap. ive wrote and rewrote the details a hundred different ways.. and it always turns out sounding like i had a bad time...and thats not true. even the really bad parts are funny when i look back on them.. so ive decided to make a list of the things i learned or confirmed - and leave it at that.

  • gasoline is expensive..
  • korb is officially 'allergic' to childress..
  • after 3 days of malaria.. you start to feeling like your on acid
  • camping isnt for everyone.. and im not the only one who feels that way!
  • close doesnt really count in horseshoes either
  • a full size air mattress fits perfectly in the back of a tahoe... and BTW 'doin it' in the car is still a good time in your 30's.
  • quotes from joe dirt are funny to everyone - and if you have NO in your heart it really can bring you down.
  • thunder is loud
  • 30% chance of rain... sounds like good odds
  • sometimes keys just get lost
  • if you wanna 'remember a moment' dont ask my mom to take the picture!
  • they dont call me putt putt for nothing... maybe i should play golf
  • clothing is not protection from mosquitoes
  • flashlights are entertaining
  • it gets really hot in texas in july
  • there are at least two kyle kruegers in this world
  • my husband likes music
  • if your not sure if its a boy or a girl.. watch to see which restroom it goes in
  • the hardest part of sneaking out is getting out of the house.. or the tent
  • sometimes its good to keep on keepin on... and sometimes you just have to quit

ok.. so i bought a disposable water-proof camera for our trip so that it would not get wet in the river. not that we got in the river..but it still came in handy from the rain. the thing about film is you have to take it somewhere to be developed.. and im not very good at that. so we may see those pics soon - or we may see them in a few years when i come across the camera and think.. i wonder when we used this.. anyway.. i left our camera with my parents to take pics of korb's week... so that it doesnt seem like im just being mean to my mom about her photography skills - let me show you a few.

this was upon arrival.. teaching my mom the point and click technique

and this is korb in the park before the parade..doesnt he look happy!

and this is korb with my cousin brian..

korb and papa

there are a few good ones! love you mom!!!
korb and nana in the parade

papa, korb and a few of papa's nephews

papa and korb.. not sure how safe that is - but i hear that he loved it

this is korb saying.. nana, can you take me home now? my nose is runny.. he was supposed to stay from friday to saturday..9 days. he made it 3 sleeps...

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Unknown said...

As I may have mentioned on the phone last night, the only bad part about your weekend was missing my BIRTHDAY/housewarming party! How about a birthday shout out for Aly in the far right column? The actual date is July 19th...for future reference : )!!