Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the last weekend of summer.. & the first day of second grade!

monday was kennedys first day of second grade!!! we had an awesome last weekend together.. saturday we spent the entire afternoon..literally.. 2-7 shopping for school clothes. most days kennedys personality reminds me of the dads in her life.. and then i have to take her shopping. by the time its over i always end up calling my mom to apologize for being such a picky little terd as a child (and teen).. and now, i guess.. anyway - back to kennedy!!! a few of the phrases i heard during our shopping adventure.

  • i cant wear anything with characters on it..
  • backpacks are out..messengers bags are in..
  • why does it matter if everything is the same color if its a good color (pink & brown everything)
  • still dont like jeans
  • tell me again why i cant wear skirts everyday?
  • the character rule applies to lunch boxes too. duh!
nonetheless.. we had a good time! she was actually pretty good at picking things out on her own. imagine that! im starting to appreciate that she knows what she likes. starting to.. kyles fantasy football draft was that day so we were dad-free for almost 24 hours. we invited a few girls (and babies of course) over and had a slumber party. kennedy got to stay up with us really late! i think she finally laid down around 1AM! she spent sunday playing with the neighborhood kids.. and then to bed early to get ready for the first day of second grade! nana and papa drove down after church on sunday night.. they got here around 1AM.. they wanted to surprise her for the first day. i dont think theyve missed a first day yet.. i took the day off as well. we got up on monday. got her ready. went for donuts (healthy i know) and then walked her to class. nana and papa stuck around until just after lunch playing with korb and having lunch with sara & tim (mom's cousins-remember the giant dog...). korb and i picked her up from school and heard all about her awesome day. she loved her classmates.. and couldnt stop raving about her teacher. all in all i think it was a success.. and we are off. officially a second grader. someone slow things down please! my head is spinning...

one more funny set of pics.. mom took them - so it will take a little imagination! after dropping her off and before meeting up with sara and tim. we went to get a little breakfast. we did not get home until 915am or so and korb cant possible stay up one minute later than 9am... he totally crashed in the truck. papa was really worried about the leaning factor so he was holding the babies head up - and then decided to follow korb's lead. good times good times...

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