Monday, August 31, 2009

3! already?

happy birthday day korb! he is growing up TOO fast. let me tell you about my three yr old.. {ouch, thats difficult to say!} well.. as much as i hate to admit it.. he's no baby. thats for sure.

  • he is a couple of pounds shy of 40 {37.5lbs to be exact} and a qtr inch shy of 40in. and he mostly wears 4T clothing.. they say 3 is the magic number but it seems like korbs magic number for three is 4. =)
  • he has been potty trained since two and a half {tho he does have an accident every now and then.. mostly at the carters house. ?? =)} he hasnt worn a diaper or pull up in 5 months. wow!
  • he's been a talker since before his first birthday.. but theres really nothing he cant say now. the days of i yuv you are long gone. he even pronounces the L in the middle of words now. he can recognize almost all the letters of the alphabet.. tho he is pretty stubborn about showing off those skills.
  • he is a sports fanatic! all sports. all the time. and showing off his sports skills, or sports knowledge, is something he definitely isnt shy about.
  • he has given up his nuk.. not entirely on his own.. but he didnt put up nearly the fight that i thought he would. and he has shifted his 'night-night' affection from the full size blanket he originally fell in love with to a more petite version that he found at target. still shiny on one side and soft on the other.. just not quite as big as the original.
  • his admiration of his big sis is stronger than ever and he will run right passed mommy to get to daddy most of the time. altho i cannot deny his mommas-boy tendencies when he is uncertain, uneasy or unwell. its always mommy to the rescue. {and it always will be little man}
  • his sleeping habits are a MESS right now. and im not exactly sure why.. he loves to sneak to sissys room and pretty much does EVERY night. she loves the company right now.. im sure she wont in a couple of years but we will cross that bridge when we get there.
  • he has finally found a love of tv. not sure if that falls in the positive category or negative.. but its definitely something new for him. his favorite shows are the backyardigans, imagination movers and jacks big music show.
  • he is a L.E.F.T.Y. for sure.
  • he loves the water! he has been swimming more times than i can count this summer.. he even has a teeny-weeny-tan. love it! of course its only visible by his white-tiny-hiney but its a tan just the same. he hasnt learned to actually swim yet this summer. hopefully with a few lessons he can master it next year.
  • he is starting preschool for the first time next week. its a mon & wed program at fbc mckinney. jaime actually found it for bex and then offered for korb to carpool if i wanted. im super excited about my little boy and her little boy going to school together! like lamar elementary circa 1981 all over again. =)
  • we started celebrating his 3rd birthday on sunday with a party in east texas with dada's family and next weekend we are going to have a little party with my family too. ive already started a birthday party post to recap all the goodies he has rec'd. =)

and im sure there are a thousand more things to tell you about my 3 yr old.. with his big blue eyes and his long curly locks. we love him so! every single minute, even the most difficult ones, are a blessing. he completes us.

happy birthday baby boy!

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