Tuesday, September 29, 2009

september in review..

just the highlights..
we spent labor day weekend with most of my family at lake lugart near altus oklahoma. it was great to see everyone.. and it was wonderful to get out of town! i took one million three hundred thirty seven pictures. ..ur.. maybe its just 337. but either way.. i havent had time to even look at them. let alone edit. they will be a surprise to everyone when i finally get around to them! i did, however, scroll thru and find one of my favorites to share.. love it. the day after we got back, 9-9-09, korb started preschool! i really cannot believe it.. and i must admit that it was really hard for me to let him go. after all, he is my baby. but he absolutely loves it! he has had the best time! he rides to 'school' with jaime and bexley every monday and wednesday morning. he would go everyday if he could. i love the little stories he tells about his teachers and his classmates. he has been singing new songs.. and even reciting the pledge of allegiance. what a big boy! on the 13th we officially welcomed COWBOY season with a family filled watching party at casa del palmer! we had so much fun with the shoffner's, carter's and minchey's! from the 17th-21st the kids and i were on our own while kp celebrated the upcoming marriage of one his best friends in vegas with about 1000 friends. ;) 1000. or 25. something like that.regardless, he had a great time and the kids and i were definitely not short on things to do ourselves! we had dinner at the cardwell's amazing new home on friday night. partied with the reddick's for gracyn's third bday on saturday afternoon. hung out with my favorite girls and our babies at the shoffner's on satuday night. watched the cowboys game with the minchey's on sunday evening and even squeezed in a pedicure on monday evening before enjoying daddy's return. and somehow i didnt take a single picture.. all weekend. not sure how that happened.

and as if all that wasnt enough stuff to highlight september.. the last week is a whirlwind to say the least. on wednesday night i got to hang out with the famed fab 4. =) erin was in town for the price-meyer wedding and she was able to make it a day early for an old school dinner with the girls. this is the only proof i have that she was here. again.. photography failure on my part. but dinner was great.. the margaritas were awesome.. the conversation was all over the place.. and the company was phenomenal. we miss you e.thurday the 24th = kennedy's 10th birthday! I. CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. my baby girl is TEN. it doesnt even compute. she requests something more and more grown up every year. and there will be a detailed posts about the evenings activities.. but to highlight.. kp and i took her to the house of blues to see bowling for soup. the evening was nothing short of heaven for her. she LOVED every minute. highlights of the highlights.. her own real digital camera. meeting members of the band. front row center stage. and staying up WAY past her bedtime. she loved it all!

from highs to low.. we picked korb up from his auntie cole and uncle derek on the way home. he was sound asleep and didnt really even open his eyes during the 10 min car ride. i tucked them in and went straight to bed myself. around 545AM i heard him crying and when i got to him i realised he was having trouble breathing. the lights were on and the nebulizer running within minutes. but nothing seemed to give him any relief. i called the pediatrician and then followed his instructions to go straight to the ER. after hours.. more breathing treatments.. and a big dose of a steroid we had a diagnoses of CROUP. the drs couldnt explain why it had hit him so hard.. so quick. just that it was an acute attack. it was SO scary. ive suffered from asthma my entire life and its miserable not being able to breath. but seeing your baby struggling for breath is a completely helpless feeling. he is still coughing a lot. and from what ive read it will take him several weeks to get over it completely.. but he'll make it. childhood viruses stink!

we did manage to get out of the house on friday evening for a family birthday dinner for kennedy at the local hibachi grill. her pick. =) it was nice evening.. just the 4 of us.

and on saturday the 26th, with the help of my wonderful brother and sister in law taking care of our sick baby, {thanks guys!} kp and i were able to attend jackie and marks wedding. it was beautiful! and it was so good to see all of our friends! congrats meyer's!

WOW! thats a lot of stuff! no wonder i havent had time to blog..

**disclaimer.. i am completely out of time and i desperately want to hit the publish button on this post! please dont judge me for the grammatical/spelling errors.. i will find/correct them eventually. =)

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Amy said...

Great update! So glad to see that sweet family!