Thursday, October 1, 2009

a little he said she said..

happy october! i failed to document.. well, if im being honest.. much of anything during the summer {sorry nana & gran-gran}. im hoping fall is a different story. and to start things off.. a little he said she said. {aka silly things my kids have said to me lately that made me laugh out loud. literally.}

korb: {soon after getting home from preschool and while zipping his pants leaving the bathroom} mommy, did you know that there are actually little balls inside the hangy part of my business?
mommy: lol. actually.... ??

now please excuse me while i text your dad about your discovery. he will be so proud. =)

kennedy: {a few weeks into her 4th grade career} mommy, most of the girls in my class are wearing bras this year. when do you think i will need a bra?
mommy: um. honestly. need one? it will probably be a while.

like when she's 25 and finally buys herself a nice rack.. =)

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Unknown said...

I love Korbin's comment on the "hangy thing". My son called it his "squishy" when he was about that age. Gotta love little boys!