Tuesday, October 13, 2009

what have we been up to?

cause it feels like nothing much.. AND wicked busy all at the same time! weve spent SO much time with friends lately, which is LOVELY.. but shouldnt seem like much of a surprise. after all.. thats really what we do. BUT lately weve been spreading the love all over the metroplex and its been so fun! two weekends ago we over stayed our welcome had a great time at brad & michelle arnold's celebrating blakes incredible new job.. and last weekend we had a wonderful dinner {until 1am} at the cardwell's on friday night. followed by a night of beer and bowling with a crew of boys on saturday night.. {ben szabo is the devil} love it! and the next 3 weekends will prove no less friend filled and action packed. this weekend = homecoming at north texas this saturday & sweet baby macy's first birtday party on sunday, a visit with a wonderful old friend next weekend on friday & the last amphitheatre concert of the season on saturday {gary allen and EYB!}, followed by HALLOWEEN festivities the last weekend of the month. wow!! can you keep up? we love friends!

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