Thursday, October 22, 2009

school picture day - the 4th grade edition..

today is school pic day at RJE. kennedy has been out sick all week with a virus but she was fever free this morning and really wanted to make a grand entrance on picture day with her new do. isnt it CUTE!its no secret how i feel about school pictures.. ugh. but whether i like it or not.. todays pic will be in the yearbook forever! and it should be a good one! =)


Unknown said...

You must feel the same way I do about school pics. I want to go up to that school and ask the photographer what made him tell my kid to put their head in that akward position... it's just not natural, I tell ya! Also, thank you for your offer on helping me decorate my blog. I'm trying to figure this out, but I just may need you!

Amy said...

Love the new do! She is sooooo pretty! I hate school pictures! I've gotten where I don't even buy most of the time. I take better pictures than that!! Why pay for it?? And I KNOW you take better pics!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey. I tried to leave the following comment on JDP, but the word verification was cut in half, and I couldn't post my comment.

Comment: These are incredible, and I am so proud of you (belatedly). When do you have time to do this with your completely-filled life?