Saturday, August 30, 2008


is that the same baby?? craziness! this is what 2 looks like for korb.. he is absolutely precious. we are so proud of him! it melts my heart when you ask him how old he is and he answers with a matter-of-fact 'im two.' even his sis is having a hard time with this birthday.. our sweet baby has definitely been replaced by a rowdy boy. korbie has totally turned into korbin. and we couldnt be happier with the results.

his 2 year well baby visit is thursday.. i'll have to update with official 'stats' then. he is still a big boy but weve noticed his height and weight hitting a plateau in the last few months. no plateau in learning, tho. he is still quite the little sponge. he speaks in complete sentences. he almost always refers to himself as i or me. the days of 'korbie do it' are a sweet but distant memory. and so far his memory continues to amaze us. learning new things comes very quickly to him. since my last update at 22 months he knows all of his colors. including black, white, brown and purple. we are still working on the alphabet song. he can do it. its just not on his list of things he finds entertaining. he can, however, recognize the letters A, B and C anywhere. one other thing he has learned as of late is all of his friends last names. he has known that his name is korb palmer for awhile..but a few months ago i started to teach him everyone elses last names too. and he REALLY picked it up. he can pretty much tell you the last name that goes with all the first names he already knew and pick them out of pictures. pretty incredible if you ask me! he has gotten lots more brave in the last few weeks, too. he is still afraid of loud noises but he has just about kicked his animal fear. maybe the circus will be more fun this year! the only real baby things we are still holding onto are the fact that sometimes his L's still sound like Y's and his undying YUV for his nuk and night-night. fine by me.. im in no rush to give them up either!

korbs second year was SO much fun. i cannot wait to see what joy his third year will bring us! stay tuned for pictures of his weekend of fun at nana and papa's. {and a few video clips} his birthday was on labor day weekend again this year and we were at my fathers family reunion. we had cake and celebrated with my family and he got all of his presents at my parents house. next year his birthday will be the weekend BEFORE labor day and we will be able to celebrate at home again!

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