Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the river!

so.. just like last year. it wasnt all good. but it wasnt all bad either.. here we go.. my second annual list of things i learned or confirmed on a trip to the guadalupe.

  • i just thought gas was expensive last year..
  • a little zyrtec and korb is GOOD to go..
  • when kp says we should leave by 5 - he actually doesnt mean 7. who knew?
  • i always forget something. always.
  • if your pizza falls CHEESE-SIDE down on 6th st.. please dont pick it up and eat it
  • whether you camp or rent a cute little house - someone WILL complain. i permanently choose a cute little house. :)
  • that hangy ball thing in the back of your throat is called a uvula
  • 30% chance of rain... STILL NOT GOOD ODDS!
  • why are you yelling youre a foot from me
  • direct tv satelite on location doesnt mean you actually get to watch tv
  • its not always hot in texas in august..
  • cooler temps = cooler waters.. give me blistering heat over rock hard nips anyday!!
  • actually floating the cold river is better than watching everyone play horseshoes. bold statement from a watcher :)
  • when falling out of a raft - be careful what you catch your toe on.. there wont be many people to help you if they are all staring at your friends rack
  • its no longer a mystery why all those flip flops are on the fence
  • my husband likes music
  • glass bottles just melt in the fire
  • everyone loves mexican food
  • jacob is wise
  • your friends.. my friends.. were all friends at the river. except that chic in the taurus. i dont think she likes us much.
  • theres always SOMEWHERE to get it done, nicole. always.
  • joe dirt is better than weekend at bernies. im just sayin..
  • a weekend WITH bernie on the other hand.. someone should make that happen next time.
  • and finally.. it just keeps getting better. next year WILL rock. good things come to good people. you cant have no in your heart.

disclaimer. i did take pics this year. but i think i'll save them for a rainy day. :)

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Amy said...

Super cute post!! Sure glad we met through this blog world!!:)

Have a great day!