Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3rd grade.. seriously?

i ABSOLUTELY cannot comprehend that we have a 3rd grader. can that be right? 3rd grade? almost 9? surely not! ...the trouble is - whether i want to believe it or not. its true. she is growing up so fast! kennedys first day of third grade was monday and it went off with out a hitch.

i picked her up on sunday evening.. she spent the last couple of weeks of summer with her father. after stopping for some last minute supplies, we made it home around 9. korb waited up for her. reunions are SO great for them. you would think they hadnt seen each other in months. super sweet. bedtime was no hassle. cross your fingers that phenomena becomes the norm. :) nana & papa drove up after church on sunday evening arriving around 1 am.. just like last year and the year before and so on... they cant possibly miss a first day! i got up early.. picked up our usual healthy first day of school donut breakfast. then woke her up. she didnt argue. we chose clothes together.. she bathed. i fixed her hair. no complaints. we ate breakfast and we were out the door. best morning ever. kp stayed home to accompany us to RJE for the big morning. we all walked her to class.. took a few pics and kissed her goodbye. and once again.. we are off. another school year is under way!
i must admit i was a LITTLE annoyed at the look i got when i asked to take a picture of her before we left.
but i did get a couple of good ones..
after dropping her off ,we all loaded up in the tahoe to go home. korb said, 'where did sissy go?' we told him that she had to stay at school. he said, 'i mad at school. sissy needs to come home.' too cute. he does love his sissy!

**since im 3 days late getting this up.. i need to note that all three mornings so far this week have been just this good. loving this grown-up kennedy... and hating that she has to grow up all at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Nooooooo. Too cute, though. Love that great big smile. Where did the time go?

Jammi Palmer said...

im glad to be gron up, but thaks for all the times youve been there when i was down.