Tuesday, August 26, 2008

im gonna need a list to catch up!

sorry. theres no other way. :) its been 12 days.. 12 full days. since i last blogged. omg. i am behind! after getting home from the obx we have...

  • celebrated my moms birthday..
  • crashed our home computer with the scariest virus of ALL times.. and thus become even more indebted to the carters!
  • seen dave matthews
  • partied pure romance style - again!
  • had our last weekend of 2008 summer fun on the guadalupe
  • AND started 3rd grade!!

thats something EVERY-OTHER-DAY for almost 2 weeks. doesn't leave much time for blogging, even tho theres so much to blog about! im working on posts for each.. lots of work. not to mention that the little man is turning 2 in 4 days. is that possible?

anyhoo.. just wanted to make an appearance and let everyone know i am still alive. :) and that i admit to slacking. dont worry i'll make it up to you.


Nikki said...

Glad to see you finally appeared! And THANK YOU for adding me to your blogs list...I'm working on my third one right now! wooo

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you've been. I can't believe that I've actually posted more blogs than you in the last two weeks! That's absolutely unheard of. I also can't believe that Kennedy is going into the third grade. I'm in complete denial about that one. Anyway, don't worry, you'll catch up. You're the whiz kid, the wonder woman. Smooches.