Thursday, August 7, 2008

back tracking a little..

with all the awesome weekend adventures weve had lately im a little behind on photo editing and posting! so this is totally catch up.. my little brothers 30th birthday was here in mckinney a couple of weekends ago and i havent had a chance to post pictures from it. we had SO much fun seeing all his old friends. jenny planned everything.. all we had to do was open our home and enjoy good company! thanks for a great time guys!!

nick, jenny & baby macy getting ready!

a little 'nick' decorating..there was an 11 man poker tourney.. requiring a second lovely table - downstairs. these were the lucky ones who did not ever have to sit at the lovely table downstairs.. ;) while they played cards.. we found other things to do. nick got to see lots of old friendsyes.. there were showtunes. jenny put together an awesome dvd of photos spanning nicks 30 years. dalton was more interested in the lovely poker table.. but nick (and everyone else!) loved it! it was perfect, jenny.
after cake.. nick got to enjoy another of his favorite things. a WHOLE bunch of scratch offs!!!
i think this is my favorite picture of the entire day. what an awesome birthday! i hope nick enjoyed it as much as everyone else.. happy 30th one more time baby brother. it looks good on you.. :)!

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Kyle Vannoy said...

Looks like you all had fun. Tell Nick I said "Happy Birthday!" even though it's late. Hope you and your family are all doing good. We're just getting ready for school to start back up. Melissa has started a blog for us, so check it out. It's so let me know what you think. She has the comment option turned off, but you can email me at when you get a chance.