Friday, June 26, 2009

a little he said she said..

time to resume a little segment i like to call a little he said she said.. it should really be a daily thing. the k's crack me up EVERYDAY with out fail. sometimes its proof they are little geniuses. =) and sometimes just reminders of their innocence.

knp after i told him that we HAVE to find a new teenage sitter {our favorite moved away =(}
mommy: korb we HAVE to find a new sitter!
korb: can you just get jarrod saltalamacchia?

lol. somehow i dont think he's available this friday night..

knp after walking as far as he could walk at the softball game and then begging to be carried.
mommy: korb i have to put you down. im not going to make it.
korb: mommy. hang in there. i prooooomise. you WILL make it. just keep walking.

um.. why didnt i think of saying that to him? WHY?

ksw after learning of mj's death.
kennedy {crying over the phone}: mom. did you hear that michael jackson died?
mommy: i did sweetheart. dad and i were worried about how you would hear. dad tried to call you. we know you loved him.
kennedy {crying}: i was at school. the teachers and i were upset and all the other kids were looking at us like we were crazy.
mommy: aw. im sorry kenners. im glad that you understand the significance. we understand why youre upset.
kennedy {still crying}: thank you for worrying about me mom. i knew you would understand. i should have pretended like i didnt know so that you or dad could tell me.

lol. if only we could always hear news {good or bad} from the right people.

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