Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the bad guys..

its safe to say that korb palmer is completely obsessed with sports. his little life revolves around playing catch.. swinging a bat.. throwing a football.. {and i quote} 'knocking the mess' out of a golf ball.. you name the sport. he would love to play it with you. or even just watch it with you on tv for that matter. one evening last week he was struggling with bed time. it was getting really late.. he had used every excuse in the book. i had tucked him in countless times. and then i heard his little feet in the game room.. AGAIN. ugh. but this time he didnt call for me and he didnt venture down the stairs. so curious about what he was up to i went up stairs to check on him. he was laying on the sofa with his blanket. he explained that he couldnt hear the baseball game that his dad and i were watching downstairs from his room. i laughed out loud as i took him to sissy's room, tuned in fox sports on her television and tucked my not yet 3 yr old all star in to fall asleep watching his beloved rangers. before i left the room he asked who the bad guys were that night... we always explain the other team as the bad guys... the angels baby.

the next morning i woke up early to run errands before kp left for work only to realise that our cars had both been broken into overnight. after the initial shock and disappointment in mankind.. and a short lecture from my husband about always locking the car doors nomatterwhat.. i called the police to file a report. the officers were still there when korb woke up. kp explained to him that a bad guy had been in our cars and taken some stuff. later in the day we had this conversation

korb: mommy can you please go get my faaaaaaaaaavorite backyardigans dvd out of the truck?
me: what if its gone? what if the bad guys who broke into our cars took it?
korb: gasp. {and then greatness..} you think bobby abreu took my mission to mars?

lol. i dont think bobby abreu was stealing stuff from our cars little man.. but i LOVE that you do. crazy kid!

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