Sunday, September 1, 2013

august 2013

 august = lots of travel.

to New Braunfels with the Mincheys.  where i took one pic.  lol  in Luchenback.  schlitterbahn with the kiddos.  kenn & kaylee together again.  pat green and jason boland at the whitewater ampitheatre.  gallo de cielo.  a trip to luchenback.  a 3 legged chicken. the scenic route home.  7 hours in the car.  wonderful family fun!!!  loved every minute.  

a birthday party with good friends!

more rangers base ball!!
fun at nana & papas!

san francisco with my bestie and my boo!

 a new kitty!  introducing Marco.. 

top golf!

a random pic..

my favorite little bed head. =)

the morning and the evening of the first day of school.  first grade & eighth grade. 

and then the little man turned 7!!  my how time flies when you are having fun!

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