Thursday, April 17, 2008

our week in review..

im not sure what happened to this week.. but its basically over already! seems crazy.. i think ive just been a day off for some reason, all week.. and that messes with your head. yesterday kennedy came home from school BEGGING for money for the ice cream truck.. which makes its rounds thru our neighborhood on wednesdays. after arguing that i didnt have any cash..i thought to myself..and changed my argument to.. 'wait its not even wednesday!' she said 'YES IT IS!' i said 'no its not. its tuesday..check your panties!' (she has several sets of days of the week panties.. she wears them often.. they dont have to 'match' her outfit if they are the right day, ya know? less work for me when getting her ready in the AM) so she drops her pants.. in the playroom. 'look mom, wednesday. you must have known what day it was this morning!' hate it when shes right! she reminded me that she did not have school on monday.. it was an extra bad weather day they didnt have to use.. so thats probably why im all out of whack on what day it is. she is probably right, again. smarty pants! anyway..i didnt want to miss blogging about a few fun things that have gone on in the last week.

for starters, my entire family was here this past weekend! nana, papa, nick, jenny and dalto! think its the first time weve all been together under one roof since korb turned 1. i think.. i could be wrong. none the less.. it was a first for something. korb and dalton had the BEST time together EVER. dont get me wrong, they always play together well.. but this time they seemed to genuinely enjoy it! all the pics i took kinda stink. but jenny did a GREAT job of capturing the moment in this post. THANK YOU JENNY!

on sunday we were lazy, lazy, lazy. and it was AWESOME! we did watch most of the masters.. korb is learning all about golf. check out this little clip. tiger woo.. genius.

on monday.. kennedy didnt have school. so..she was home with us all day! we really had fun hanging out together. gracy and her fam are on vacation this week, baby james' dad decided to stay home since their older kids were out of school too, and madelyns mom picked her up SUPER early.. it was almost like another day off for me too! kyle went to the rangers game with his boss after work --- so the little k's and i made a date with kelly, ava and nicole. we met them at chick fil a around 6. korb and kennedy played in the playplace FOREVER! he had tons more fun than she did. his allergies and reactive-airway-disorder (which is basically asthma w/o out calling it that) have been OUT-OF-CONTROL this week. kennedy brought him out of the playplace more than once because he was coughing and wheezing but he did not seem to care. such a boy! when she finally decided he had had enough.. such a mom!.. we all decided to take a stroll thru target. now..let me first say..i have been threatened not to post this. but its too cute not to. so ill just have to deal with the consequences. during our stroll..we ended up on the hair accessories aisle. they had the cutest little girl hair clips. i told kelly and cole - that being COMPLETELY anti-bangs for myself and poor kennedy by default - she had LIVED with a clip of some sort in the front of her hair from around her first birthday when her hair started to get in her eyes..until she was, i dunno, probably 4. :) literally. then i spotted this yellow clip with a yellow flower on the end that reminded me of one she used to wear a lot. kelly got out her camera..and..well here's the result. arent they cute! LOVE IT! sorry dada..

and thats it.. a tuesday night stars loss, a wednesday night mavs victory, a 14 inning rangers game and here we are. thursday already! this weekend is supposed to be 'work around the house' weekend. we shall see if that happens................................

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Anonymous said...

You are a Jack Ass and Korb will not be happy about this when he is old enough to know better!!