Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tympanostomy tubes, double frenumectomy & adenoidectomy..

thats a mouth full! and korb has a mouth full of stitches to prove he had surgery on friday.. they ended up doing 4 procedures. he was in surgery for almost a full hour! seeing him in the recovery room was heart breaking! but with just 5 days under his belt, fluid-free in his middle ear (hopefully), no longer tongue tied, and rid of those stupid adenoids that were likely the cause of all his grief, he is doing so well! he is finally eating somewhat normally.. he had no appetite til yesterday. he is getting back to normal with sleep.. altho we havent had a full nights rest yet. cross your fingers that tonight is the night! and he is definitely talking just like he did before. he's even pretty good at showing off his stitches! he has a post op tomorrow. i will post the official results from the dr then. but i wanted to share a few pics from surgery day.

he was in such a good mood friday morning!
this is him getting into his gown..
and loving his night night..
they took him back to surgery in this red wagon.
what a dirty-irty trick!

this is so fuzzy.. and the lighting was crazy in all the pics..but i still think its was taken by one of his nurses. they were awesome!

and this is the sad-fat-lipped baby they brought back to us! poor guy..

when we finally got to leave the hospital around noon it was very windy outside. i asked if i could wrap him up like a baby in a tree top..which is one of his favorite things. he agreed..then when we got into the car he didnt want to take off the blanket. he slept this way all the way home! so sweet!

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