Tuesday, March 4, 2008

..hopefully this is the last one.

the last ear infection, that is! korb is having tubes put in on friday and we are hoping he will get a break from the non-stop ear infections he has been dealing with. and from all the antibiotics! we have to be at the hospital on friday morning at 7am.. that is early! the procedure is at 8. he is also have a couple of other procedures while he is under sedation. he is having a lingual frenectomy and a labial frenectomy. dont worry the names are much scarier than the actual surgeries. but we will still be very worried about our little man until they are complete! we would appreciate your prayers.. and as a side not korbs best buddy bex is getting tubes tomorrow. gotta match ya know... we will be praying for him all day!

and to honor the official 1 and a HALF mark.. i thought i would add a few of my current favorite pics. we have his 18 mo well baby check up next week.. i'll have official stats and percentages then. as well as a post op update...

eating lunch with his girls..
for some reason he is always trying to 'figure out' the baby toys..
even tho i tell him they are mostly just to look at or chew on. he is sure they must have another purpose
see mom..this container is way more fun empty. what a mess.

i went to check on him one night recently and this is what i saw..
snuggled with his moose! so sweet.

chillin with sissy.. she is the coolest person on earth..or so she tells him! in his car seat with his FAVORITE thing..his nuk. i think this is a sweet grin.


Kelly said...

I love that little man!!! We will be praying and waiting for post op news on Friday!! Let me know if there is anything you need!
Love you guys!!

KatieHinckley said...

I'll be praying for all of you on Friday! Hope all goes well and the results are immediatly evident! Keep us posted! Happy half-birthday too!