Thursday, February 28, 2008

palmer plans..

over the weekend we went to a birthday party for one of kyles college friends son. he turned 1 on 2-22.. love cool birthdays. it was nice so nice to see them.. we honestly hadnt seent he baby since last march. thats terrible!!! then on saturday evening we were invited to dinner at the kanuths. thanks guys! we had a great time.. and even found a short cut home from rockwall. on sunday we made a trip to plano presby to visit the canons and their new little one, kingsley. she was born on 2-21 exactly 18 months after her brother cash. mom, does that sound familiar?? congrats to amy and brad. she is beautiful!!! monday night we chilled around the house..talked about being frugal for the week.. tuesday night we went out to dinner with the usual suspects.. not at all frugal.. and last night we cooked dinner and hung out with our two spaz children. they are OOC sometimes! tonight kyle is going to happy hour with sammy b..and then we are back to the weekend. this time of year is always so busy. its soooo nice outside.. and our calendar is filling up..and im a little stressed about it! i know its all fun stuff but sometimes its overwhelming to see what you have planned on paper and figure out a way to juggle it all. im sure it will all be worth the stress. anyway.. there is a small point to this post. ive updated the palmer plans on the right to include buffett in april..cant wait.. and a few other new things. and ive added a ticker (no honey thats not just a ticket term) counting down to vacation!!!! its kindof an odd one.. we are going to the mountains and we will celebrate st patricks day there. just like last year..only with a few more 'family members'! i am so excited to get out of town!!!

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