Friday, February 1, 2008

an east texas saturday

satuday morning we made a LONG over due trip to see kyle's family! we spent most of the day at the highschool gym watching his neices play little dribblers basketball.. btw - both of them added a tick mark in the W column! congrats girls. the first game was at noon..and i didnt get any pics. then we went to lunch in tyler..where the camera finally made it out of the bag. second game was at 5.. pics? not so much. oh well..the ones i got are very cute. and tell the story of the day very accurately, i think!

first things first.. korb-the entertainer.

he had tons of fun with his cousins..
especially kelsi ...

..and hailey.

they both got lots of korb smooches.

aunt kelli got a few too.

kaden did a lot of hanging with uncle kyle at lunch..

kennedy and kaitlyn took turns running the show at their own table. and i use the term 'took turns' very loosely. they are the bossy ones of the group. always competing!

kelli's new man.. first impressions..hmm. not exactly what i expected but VERY cool. nice, whitty, good with all the kids (big plus in my book!) over all..he gets an A. cant imagine what he must of thought of me..puffy eyed..quiet..definitely not myself! sorry brad.. i promise i am fun!one thing korb was not about to smooch or even touch..was any taxidermied animal hanging on the wall. not even that harmless goat...

btw who stuffs a goat?

so gran gran came to his rescue..
then they both gave dada that look.
she meant..dont mess with my baby. he meant..yea, what she said!

and then they hung out..all smiles
keeping with the theme from the dance.. and remebering from this old post that kennedy doesnt believe in bringing back any change. she asked for some quarters..i handed her a $5 bill. and yes she spent it all on that stupid horse. dont worry she let the other kids ride along..not all of the happily!
yes again..she got the look from granny too! she did save enough to get everyone a toy on the way out the door..
such a sweet girl.
after the last game we went back to kyle's moms. kennedy got to spend some quality time with daphne! she enjoyed that so much. thanks for having us guys! we will be back soon..i promise!

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