Friday, February 1, 2008

no damage? really?

on tuesday morning.. after a very sleepless night for all.. this is what we woke up to! around 6am we heard a terrible noise.. kyle and i both sat straight up in bed! i said..dont worry honey, its just thunder. he said..thats not thunder it was the wind. i couldnt possilbe be 'just wind'. turns out we were both a little bit right.. it was the wind. and this tree. seems they got into a little tif and the tree lost! that window you see..its my parents bedroom. had the tree of fallen straight into the house instead of into that corner - who knows what couldve happened. a little later in the morning i got on the phone to the insurance company, sure there would be LOTS of damage to the roof. my on a ladder..with a chainsaw and told me to get off the phone. he and a few buddies made a day of clearing the mess.. love small towns! everyones always willing to lend a helping hand..even in 40 degree weather with windgusts that could up root a huge tree! the damage to the roof is very minimal. crazy! the first few pics are from the back yard. the last two are from the drive way. on the other side of the house! what a mess.. guess they wont have to buy firewood for a while!

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