Thursday, February 28, 2008

a little february catch up..

not sure where the month has gone!! this should be at least 4 posts.. but i feel like combining. after my last post.. we had a wonderful dinner at dos charros (my favorite mexican rest!) and when we got home kp had to pack for his annual boys ski trip. hate it! but he always has a great time.. so i deal. anyway.. there was a debate over the camera. we only have one and he was sure he needed it for his trip. after all they would be in vail..and we would be in childress. good point. so.. we agreed and he got busy packing. i downloaded all the pics on the card so that it would be nice and empty for him. then i took a few more.
i think we will call this..leave me ALONE i have to pack.
so..i went downstairs to see if the other kp wanted his picture taken..
it seems that he had misplaced something under our bed.
cant imagine what it could be..
this is his.. 'you looking at me' face
and this is sis impersonating his 'you looking at me face'
ok.. enough camera fun. everyone in their pj's for bed. 'kennedy put down that box of chocolates you've had enough!' 'ok mom..ok.' so she sets it on the edge of the dinning room table. smart one sis.. korb quickly knocked it off and chocolates went everywhere! while i attempted to pick them all up..he 'helped' by shoving them in his mouth. he was a mess!!
so that was that..our valentines day. just the way i had it planned!!! thanks honey!
the next afternoon the little k's and i went to visit my mom & dad. and we talked nana into coming home with us for the week! korb had a few dr's appts (imagine that) and she was nice enough to help out with my daycare kiddos. have i told you lately how much i love my mom!!!! cant say it enough! we had a great week.. altho not 'well documented' camera. but i assure you it was in good hands and put to good use. the camera (and kyle) went to vail, remember!! funny thing is .. these are the only 3 pics i can find on the camera from the trip. hmmmm.. must have been beautiful!!! he got back late on tuesday and spent the day with my mom and i on wednesday. he took kennedy lunch at school. she was VERY pleasantly surprised. and then spent the afternoon with korb. he is sooooo much fun right now. they had a great day together. the next day was kyles moms bday. happy belated birthday trish!! dont worry i did call her ..i was just on a bit of a blogging hiatus. anyway..i tried (all day) to get a good video of korb saying happy birthday to gran gran. and if i had any idea how (or any software to) piece these together they wouldve gotten the job done. but thats not gonna happen. however ive decided they are too cute to scrap.. they need to be shared with the world.. or at least gran gran.

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Gran-Gran loves chips and basketball too but most of all she loves KORBIN>>>>>>>>Love Gran-Gran